IRGC’s work is disseminated to a wide audience composed of policymakers in the public sector, decision makers in the private sector and any other institutions or people who can play a role in improving the science-policy interface and, in broader terms, risk governance.

IRGC publishes different kinds of publications, which are briefly described as follows:

(1) Concept Notes frame and outline a particular risk or issue, the key questions it raises and overviews governance deficits pertaining to it. As Concept Notes set the stage for possible further project work and documentation, they are reviewed internally by IRGC’s Scientific and Technical Council but are not subject to external peer review.

(2) Policy Briefs stem from formal IRGC project work, which includes the participation of representative experts in the field and most often multi-disciplinary or multi-stakeholder workshops. They include IRGC recommendations for risk governance approaches. Policy Briefs are subject to external peer review.

(3) Reports are more comprehensive, analytic and detailed documents. They are subject to an external peer review.

(4) Opinion Pieces are the products of specific named authors, giving them more freedom to express their opinions on a topic. The views and policy prescriptions contained in the document are those of the authors and are not a consensus judgment by IRGC, its reviewers, or its sponsors. Opinion Pieces are subject to external peer review.

(5) White Papers are reports or guides that help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. They are used broadly in the policy sphere and are subject to comprehensive and thorough external peer review.

IRGC publications are accessible from the section below in PDF format, and if you wish to get paper copies, please contact us online.

To know more about IRGC projects and publications, visit Risk Governance or Issues.