IRGC Risk Governance Framework

IRGC has developed a comprehensive framework for risk governance.

The framework comprises 5 elements:

  • Risk Pre-Assessment – early warning and “framing” the risk in order to provide a structured definition of the problem, of how it is framed by different stakeholders, and of how it may best be handled
  • Risk Appraisal – combining a scientific risk assessment (of the hazard and its probability) with a systematic concern assessment (of public concerns and perceptions) to provide the knowledge base for subsequent decisions
  • Characterisation and Evaluation – in which the scientific data and a thorough understanding of societal values affected by the risk are used to evaluate the risk as acceptable, tolerable (requiring mitigation), or intolerable (unacceptable)
  • Risk Management – the actions and remedies needed to avoid, reduce transfer or retain the risk
  • Risk Communication – how stakeholders and civil society understand the risk and participate in the risk governance process

IRGC risk governance framework