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IRGC reports, white papers, policy briefs and opinion papers available as downloads from this web-site are the result of substantive project work led or supervised by members of the IRGC’s Scientific and Technical Council. They are published only after a rigorous external peer review. IRGC concept notes, workshop summaries and ”snapshots” are subject to internal review.

The copyright for the book published by Springer Academic Publishers is held by Springer. The copyright for all IRGC White Papers, Policy Briefs, workshop summaries, Concept Notes and “snapshots” is held by IRGC.

Articles and papers written by individuals and teams as contributions to IRGC’s projects, and presentations made by individuals at events organised by IRGC, reflect the views of the authors themselves and not those of IRGC.

Throughout this web-site we have sought to ensure that the contents provide both specialists and non-specialists with an introduction to our organisation and our work. We have attempted to select useful information and to ensure that the information and materials provided on the site – as well as our descriptions of them – are objective and accurate.

Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy and scientific validity of our publications and the contents of this web-site, IRGC, its officers and staff, and members of the IRGC’s Board, Scientific and Technical Council and Advisory Committee, cannot be held responsible or liable for damages for their use by third parties.

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