The Center on Risk Analysis and Risk Governance (CRAG) at EPFL

The Center on Risk Analysis and Risk Governance (CRAG) at EPFL

Recognizing that risk governance is an important component for the successful deployment of engineering and technologies, in particular in the context of public policy, EPFL (The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) has created a Center on Risk Analysis and Risk Governance  (CRAG). See


The mission of the CRAG is to develop and communicate knowledge and expertise related to risk analysis (risk assessment, risk management, risk perception and risk communication) and risk governance, as the broad context in which risk-based decisions are made, in multi-disciplinary, cross-sectorial and multi-stakeholder approaches.

CRAG will primarily focus on systemic risks, as defined as those that have an impact over several sectors or regions and cascading effects. Located at EPFL, an engineering school and institute of technology, its main interest will be risks with physical consequences on the environment, human health and safety and infrastructure. However, their economic, financial, social or political, societal and cultural  causes and consequences will also be addressed.

For more information, contact Marie-Valentine Florin