IRGC operates as described below:

Organisational Structure


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IRGC’s decentralised network structure of public, private and scientific institutions involved in risk governance is supported by its Foundation Board and its Scientific and Technical Council (S&TC).



IRGC Organs

The Board of Foundation is the main strategic, oversight and decision-making organ of IRGC.

The Scientific & Technical Council (S&TC) is the leading scientific authority, providing quality assurance and scientific input to the work program.

The Advisory Committee is IRGC’s Advisors and Ambassadors.

The Executive Committee is composed of the Chairman of the Board, another Board member, the Chairman of the S&TC and the Managing Director. It prepares and implements Board decisions.

The Secretariat is responsible for facilitating collaborative activities, managing joint research initiatives, and carrying out general administration, communication and dissemination of project work.